Sports Groups & Teams

Our facility has been developed to cater for sports groups of all types.
We have dorm rooms for athletes and coach’s rooms for staff, great common and outdoor areas plus an amazing location. (See ‘Facilities’ pages).
We are happy to work with you to organise the best possible outcomes for your athletes for the time they spend here.
For larger groups, rotations are easy.


Options are endless! For example, 3 smaller groups rotating in half day programs: 

Example 1 - a) Weight training (Gym)   b) Cardio session - Run/Rope Carry (Mystic Mtn)  c) Skills Session (Football oval) 
Example 2 - a) Boxing Circuit (Outside Gym)   b) Run (Cherry Walk)  c)  Pilates (Gym) 
Example 3 - a) Yoga (class room)     b) Hike (Apex Mtn)  c) Water Recovery (Bright Sports Centre)
Example 4 - a) Cycling (Rail Trail) b) Strength Circuit (class room)  c) Tennis Round Robin (Bright Sports Precinct)  

Services Include

  • Qualified fitness staff
  • Specialised Strength and Conditioning coaches
  • Exercise Physiologist 
  • Massage 
  • Guest speakers to cover a range of topics (including Olympians, elite local athletes)
  • Exclusive gym use 
  • Bus Transport
  • Food catering (pre-arranged menus welcome)  
  • Theory based sessions 
  • Movies
  • Mountain Bikes

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